2016 / 30 April

Riskeye – New offering for SME’s to Protect your online Reputation

A business’s reputation is its greatest, yet most intangible asset. As businesses expand their online activity they also increase the risk of online threats or attacks which can potentially lead to rapid and catastrophic reputational loss. The risk posed by employees or customers can be significant and one video clip distributed through social media can change or even destroy everything.

The risk is particularly acute for Small and Medium Enterprises [SME] which have often spent years establishing a reputation for quality and reliability.

A new company RiskEye gives it’s Policy holders access to an online media monitoring service performed by Cloud90, the company led by 11890 founder Nicola Byrne.

Customers are also entitled to access a legal team and public relations advisors, up to the value of €50,000, in the event that online posts threaten their reputation.

RiskEye is a unique and innovative hybrid of existing services from three sectors: online threat monitoring, reputation risk insurance and reputation protection. It provides constant monitoring to detect emerging on-line threats or attacks to the reputation of all businesses whether small, medium or large.

Recognised threats are quickly stabilised and reduced/diminished using the services of public/media relations  & legal specialists. These are paid for by your insurance policy with Riskeye.

Irish Independent Article : – AIG underwrites first online reputation insurance product for small businesses

This is an exciting offering for all SME’s to consider.
More details at www.riskeye.com

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