LinkedIn for Business

QED Training, Social Media

LinkedIn, among all online marketing tools, is perhaps the most unutilised marketing strategy. This one day workshop should provide step-by-step instructions as to how to use LinkedIn to create business opportunities.

On completing the programme, participants should have an understanding of how to connect with potential customers, form relationships, and develop conversations and sales.

Programme Outline

  • Using LinkedIn for your business – Overview of LinkedIn and its benefits to your business (why it is the best place to market your business)
  • Best practice tips for new users
    • How to get started – planning and developing your LinkedIn marketing strategy
    • How to build your perfect profile?
  • How to expand your strategic network –
    • How to connect and build the right network of contacts?
    • How to develop business opportunities in LinkedIn?
  • Building visibility and reputation
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Business referrals

Programme Delivery Approach

The programme is designed to be highly participative, practical and relevant with a balance of structured and formal training combined with interactive learning, practical exercises, individual approach, use of hand-outs and audio-visuals materials and work with a flipchart/LCD projector/Smartboard (depending on availability). Delivery style will include the use of trainer presentations, live demos, discussions and question and answer sessions. Participants will be encouraged (but not obliged) to bring along their own laptop/iPad (if they have one) in order to work “live” under the assistance and supervision of the trainer.

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